Pacific Environmental Analytics, LLC (PEA) is a

science-based, data-driven environmental consulting group that provides Cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) emissions profiling and assessment, atmospheric modeling, expert witness consulting and testimony, and related services to cannabis cultivators, government regulators and other interested stakeholders.


Led by some of the world’s leading researchers in biogenic volatile organic compounds and pioneers in the field of Cannabis emissions research, PEA is uniquely equipped to accurately measure terpene emissions from various strains of Cannabis and determine any site-specific impacts of these emissions on local and regional air quality as well as neighboring residences and businesses.


In addition to measuring terpene emissions, PEA is able to perform comprehensive VOC analysis including observations of other compounds emitted by the plants (e.g., non-terpenoid odor molecules like thiols and amines) as well as chemicals used in Cannabis processing facilities such as sanitizing agents (e.g., isopropyl alcohol and acetone) which have been observed at ppm levels in Cannabis growing and drying facilities.


Taking a quantitative and qualitative approach to its research, PEA equips its clients with not only hard data but knowledge and insights necessary to make fully informed decisions.

About PEA