Helping stakeholders understand

the molecular footprint of commercial cultivation by

identifying, measuring, modeling, and assessing

Cannabis plant emissions.

Who We Are

Pacific Environmental Analytics, LLC (PEA) is a

science-based, data-driven environmental consulting group that provides Cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) emissions profiling and assessment, atmospheric modeling, expert witness consulting and testimony, and related services to cannabis cultivators, government regulators and other interested stakeholders.


By taking a quantitative and qualitative approach to our research, we are able to equip our clients with not only hard data but knowledge and insights necessary to make fully informed decisions.

What We Do

Comprehensive VOC analysis with research grade analytical systems for detecting over 100 terpenoids and other volatiles including sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen compounds


Measurement of site-specific airborne Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs)


Analysis of site-specific BVOC contributions to indoor and outdoor air quality


Custom modeling of site-specific atmospheric emissions to determine contribution (or lack thereof) to air quality concerns

Meet Our Team

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Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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